Arina's Top 10 Reads of 2021

Arina’s Top 10 Reads of 2021

Like last year, the Asylum ladies are sharing their top 10 reads of 2021 in a sequence of 3 posts. Today Arina closes the curtain on this spotlight. You’ll notice some of these books weren’t actual 2021 releases, as the only rule we had for our top reads was that we had to have read them in 2021, regardless of their release date. Because it’s never too late to discover a favorite or a genre-behemoth you are just now learning to love.

Monthly Wrap Up February

Monthly Wrap Up: February 2021

February went away way too fast. I WANT MY BIRTHDAY MONTH BACK! *ahem* We’ve been busy with SPFBO reading and SoT and a lot of other things. Though, to be absolutely honest, I’m struggling with reading a lot these days, so it’s probably about time for me to take a nice long break.

But fear not, we still had quite a lot of content in February including reviews, author spotlight, book tours and a lot of other things.

Yaroslav Barsukov interview

Interview with Yaroslav Barsukov

Today, we welcome Yaroslav Barsukov to the Asylum to discuss his latest novella, Tower of Mud and Straw, a story that blends science-fiction, fantasy, and even the atmosphere of the gothic genre.

Tower of Mud and Straw by Yaroslav Barsukov

Tower of Mud and Straw by Yaroslav Barsukov

Arina reviews Yaroslav Barsukov’s Tower of Mud and Straw, a Gaslamp Science Fantasy novella.
“Tower of Mud and Straw makes perfect use of the novella format, an awesome gaslamp science fantasy with a mystery punch. I can see myself coming back to this world again and again.”