To Be Continued

To Be Continued…

10 weeks, 5 authors, 1 story. In To Be Continued… I asked 5 authors (self-published and traditionally published alike) to write a story together based on my prompts, without knowing about each other. They each had 2 weeks to write their part before I forwarded it to the next person to continue. Each part is somewhere between 500 – 1000 words long. So, are you ready to continue the story?

If you’d like to try yourself at this feature, please fill out this form to let me know:

PartThe New SoundThe Butcher QueenThe Enchanted Forest
1Tyler HayesCameron JohnstonTimy Takács
2Victoria CorvaPhil WilliamsAlex S. Bradshaw
3Justin Lee AndersonCraig SchaeferChristian Cameron
4Devin MadsonJustin CallPhil Parker
5T. FrohockAnela DeenQuenby Olson

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