Interview with Tim Hardie

Interview with Tim Hardie

It’s our pleasure to host Tim Hardie, the author of the Brotherhood of the Eagle series, including the SPFBO 7 finalist Hall of Bones, A Quiet Vengeance which was published earlier in 2023, and one of the authors of The Anatomy of Fear and The Advent of Winter anthologies.

Interview with Dom McDermott

The Advent of Winter: Interview with Dom McDermott

It’s our pleasure to host Dom McDermott, SFF YouTuber, proofreader and the organizing mastermind behind The Advent of Winter anthology. Today we are talking about reviewing, SPFBO, and of course the birth of the anthology. If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, fear not, the anthology will be available later on!

Interview with Steven McKinnon

Order of the Shadow Dragon: Interview with Steven McKinnon

It’s our pleasure to host Steven McKinnon, the author of the epic fantasy series, The Raincatcher’s Ballad, the first book of which was an SPFBO 4 finalist. Today we are celebrating the release of his new book, Order of the Shadow Dragon which starts off a new series, Legacy of Light and Shadow.

Author Spotlight: Noor Al-Shanti guest post

Guest Post: Writing Around Similar Events from Different POVs by Noor Al-Shanti

It’s my pleasure to welcome Noor Al-Shanti, the author of several self-published fantasy novels. She will talk about writing around similar events from different POVs, in celebration of her upcoming novel, Isaree of the Wild Isles. Which will be released on December 22, 2023. It’s already available for pre-order and you can also request an ARC!

Cover Reveal: City of Onix by Phil Parker

Cover Reveal: City of Onix by Phil Parker

We at the Asylum are excited to host the cover reveal for Phil Parker’s new standalone novel, City of Onix, along with Nick of Out of this World SFF Reviews and David of FanFiAddict. Today is also its release day so if you like what you see, then go and grab a copy!

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