SPFBO: The Third Round of DNFs by Timy

I fell a bit behind on writing up my DNF posts for those books we already eliminated from the competition. So far I’ve slush piled 24 books, we’ve cut 16 and I have 4 books (at the moment) I want to consider further. I’m hoping to finish slush piling by the end of the week (November 3rd) and sit down with my team to talk about how to go on. I suspect to have our first semi finalist announced pretty soon. Things will accelerate in November, so keep your eyes open!


SPFBO: The Second Reaping

We passed the halftime mark of Phase 1 in September, and things are going to get interesting from here on. We are (slowly *cough*) weaving through the books in our group and we hope to get a clearer idea which one our finalist will be by the start of November. But that’s a bit further away, so let’s focus on the here and now.

Today Team RockStarlit BookAsylum is going to say goodbye to 5 books, some we enjoyed reading, some not so much. This means we’ll be eliminating 11 books so far, so almost half of our entrants will be out of the game. 


SPFBO: The Second Round of DNFs by Jen and Timy

For a change, Jen and me doing a post together, as some of the books below are already cut, and as I’m being slow with reading and don’t have enough material for a post on my own, I decided to chime in.