Stuck in the Pages: Bjørn Larssen

Stuck in the Pages – Bjørn Larssen

Stuck in the Pages is a brand new feature I created for the Asylum 5th anniversary bonanza, and I honestly had a lot of fun with it. I didn’t plan to create anything new, hell knows I have enough as it is, but since this happened, Bjørn Larssen, the author of historical fiction, and Norse mythology-inspired Fantasy novels, officially introduces you to it!

Introducing Team Queen's Book Asylum SPFBO 8

SPFBO 8 – Introducing Team Queen’s Book Asylum!

I hope you missed us, because the good news is, Team Queen’s Book Asylum is back for SPFBO 8 after taking a well-deserved break! This time I have a whole new team with one fellow returning judge, and a slightly updated process which I’ll explain in this post below. So, come and meet Team Queen’s Asylum and check out what we are sending into the Cover Contest!

Book Tag: 90s Music Edition

Book Tag: 90s Music Edition

As they say, there is always a first time for everything. After nearly 4 years of blogging, it’s time for my first ever book tag post! As we all know I’m a music junkie and I’m also a 90s kid, so I just knew if I only ever did one book tag post, it has to be the 90s Music Edition one. With music videos for extra fun!

Creation by Bjørn Larssen tour banner

Creation by Bjørn Larssen – Tour Encore

This past week we gave the spotlight to Creation, Bjørn Larssen’s Humorous Fantasy novella, the first book in the Why Odin Drinks series. Our Roadies brought a wide selection of content to this show with their reviews, interviews and more. Now it’s time to bring the show to an end and it’s my pleasure to present you with the encore, including some extra content. Come and learn a bit more about the world of Creation through our Q&A with Bjørn!

Epic Sale of Beloved SFF Books 2021 banner

Epic Sale of Beloved SFF Books 2021

The epic sale of beloved SFF books is back in 2021! What is this, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked. Between August 20th and 26th, you can get 53 indie SFF titles for a mere $0.99! Right in time for September, when Self-Published Fantasy Month kicks off so you can read all the books you hoard now. That sounds like a good deal to me.

Bjørn Larssen author spotlight

Pride Nights at Queen’s: Bjørn Larssen — We Exist

As we near the end of the month, we look back in gratitude to the authors who’ve made Pride Nights at Queen’s possible. Looking back is as much a part of Pride as looking forward, but in our struggle to build a better future, we make the mistake of shunning the hurtful past, disdaining those who pave the way for our liberation. Often, in our ignorance and fear, we forget them. Today, we remember them.

Pride Nights at Queen’s welcomes Bjørn Larssen, with a fantastic guest post about his experiences of both the past, present, and future of queer.