3 Years in the Asylum

3 Years in the Asylum

Well, 2020 definitely did not go how I expected, nor did the 3rd year in the Asylum for that matter. While I still consider 2019 one of the worst years of my life, 2020 definitely was not a great one all things considered. I had a lot of events planned and since these were all canceled, that put a serious dent into everything. Still, I got out of it pretty well, even if my mental health is not the best at the moment. But anyway, you are not here to read my whining. We need to celebrate 3 years in the Asylum!

What Do We Plan For 2021?

What Do We Plan For 2021?

2020 certainly was a year. I’m not sure 2021 will be any better when it comes to plans, but we can try. So, let us share you with some of our reading/blogging/life plans. Then let’s keep our fingers crossed that we actually can realize some of them.

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2 Years in the Asylum

The good thing about anniversaries is that they roll around every year. And thus, here we are, celebrating the 2nd birthday of my baby blog. Or is it toddler now? The second year wasn’t less eventful than the first one, even though 2019 was one of my worst years personally.
As last year, I’d like to take a look back at this past year and highlight some milestones and memories including a lot of pictures.

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What do we plan for 2020?

Oh hey, we are putting this post out in a more timely fashion than last year! Do we deserve an applaud, or what?

Last year we more or less failed at our plans, but we also had a lot of things come up we absolutely didn’t anticipate. Such as getting to be a judging blog for SPFBO, me starting a part-time freelance business, going to Dublin for WorldCon among other things. But our enthusiasm is still strong, and we are here again to set up some reachable goals so we could watch how much we actually achive (or not) in this year ahead.

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1 Year in the Asylum

RockStarlit BookAsylum celebrates its first anniversary! I tried to summarize this past year in one long blogpost with milestones, memories and a little sneak peek into the future 😉

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What do we plan for 2019?

January might be almost over, but the year had just started and we have a lot to look forward to. You might have seen countless blog posts about the upcoming releases everyone looks forward to, so I’m not going to bother with that. If you are interested in indie releases though, I can recommend to follow Rob J. Hayes, who has you covered every month!

I’d rather focus on our personal reading/blogging goals, so we know what are we going to fail at miserably 😀