Music Diggin' Friday

Music Diggin’ Friday: April 27th

Since we already have Music Monday courtesy to Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, I hereby declare, that Music Diggin’ Friday is a thing from now on.

New singles/videos

Just Say When by Nothing More

Actually, this vid premiered last friday, but it got released on youtube recently. One of my favorites from their last album, The Stories We Tell Ourselves, and I’m hoping they’ll play this one in June *fingers crossed* Did I mention how freaking excited am I about that show?

Embrace The Day by The Veer Union

I don’t know when was the last time I listened to The Veer Union. I totally forgot about them until they popped up on my facebook wall, releasing a new song. And it’s pretty good too. I should go and fish out their old stuff.

About You by Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda released the Post Traumatic EP which will be followed by a full length album titled also Post Traumatic. The first song from that is About You. With this album Shinoda tries to come over the death of Linkin Park‘s late frontman Chester Bennington.

Empty The Same by Like Moths To Flames

To be honest, I’ve never heard about this band until today. Or I did just didn’t pay attention. Anyway, they just premiered a new video 2 days ago for their song Empty The Same. Reading the lyrics as I listen to the song and write this post, I have to say, this hits home in my current state of emotional disaster. And I leave it at that.

The Devil In Our Wake by Shaman’s Harvest

I have to admit, I was looking forward to the new Shaman’s Harvest album last year, but for me Red Hands Black Deads was a disappointment. It just didn’t catch me. It’s a pity, because this band has a great sound, and a great voice with their singer. Anyway, they released a new video for their song The Devil In Our Wake.

Have a rockin’ friday and weekend ya’ll! 🙂