Cover Reveal: The Genesis of Change by Livia J. Elliot

Cover Reveal: The Genesis of Change by Livia J. Elliot

We at the Asylum are excited to host the cover reveal for Livia J. Elliot‘s new prequel novella to the grimdark/philosophical fantasy series, Records of the Orders, The Genesis of Change!

The novella will be released on July 16th and will be available for free if you sign up to Livia J. Elliot‘s newsletter. It also will be available in paperback and audiobook format.

The Records of the Orders grimdark fantasy / philosophical fantasy series will contain both books and books-with-choices, the latter of which are already available through the Unearthed Stories app.

Meet the Author
Livia J Eliott

Livia J. Elliot is a SFF writer, born and raised in Argentina and currently based in Australia. As a child, Livia enjoyed plucking her family’s library to immerse herself in different worlds. She read Sherlock Holmes’ adventures, historical novels, non-fiction, paranormal suspense, sci-fi and dystopian classics, Shakespeare, and anything she could find. She discovered fantasy realms with old, story-based videogames such as Shining Forces, until one day she found a copy of Dune… and that was her first start into sci-fi and fantasy.

Soon after, Livia J. Elliot began writing stories and, by the turn of the century, she had self-hosted blog where she published weekly chapters. Eventually, after some non-writing related degrees and a relocation around the world, Livia picked a mechanical keyboard and set to write once more… and here we are.

Connect with Livia
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Book Cover






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The Genesis of Change by Livia J. Elliot
The Genesis of Change by Livia J. Elliot full cover

Cover design & artwork by the author. Editor: Fernando Gamboa (Prowess Games’ Developer).

Book Blurb

Élan; the chaos-tamer, the record-breaker. Verve; the one behind the rise and fall of thousands of civilisations. Two alchemists, each sent on a mission by the leader of The Orders—The Rector.

Élan must shatter their mentee’s humanity to train her as an alchemist, while Verve must define the unexplainable existing within a respected healer. When their missions reveal clues that could reformulate alchemy, they’ll edge closer to fathom The Rector’s goal while facing an endless conundrum—to remain as is, or to learn and adapt.

The genesis of change is near.


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