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Music Diggin’ Friday: 20+1 Songs for Road Trips

In the renewed Music Diggin’ Friday I’m going to write about all kinds of music related stuff. Lists, new releases, concerts, and whatever shit that comes to mind. 

It’s summer – surprise, surprise – which means it’s time to have vacations. As a kid one of my favorite things of vacations was when we got into the car and spent hours on the road. I’ve always preferred to sit on the backseat, in the middle where I could see out of the winshield – when I don’t have my nose in a book that is – and didn’t feel closed in – as I do when I have to sit behind one of the front seats, which I still hate until this day. We used to have cars – Audis mostly – which had this double arm rest in the middle of the backseat, which could be pulled down or put back when needed. We used to fight a lot about it with my sister, because I just loved sitting on it, like a Queen on her throne, and as I was small, I was quite comfy in that hole the armrest left in the backseat. My sister wasn’t as happy because she couldn’t use the armrest and got kicked all the time by my tiny feet. But then we always argued about something. I guess that’s what you get when you have 14 years between you.

Besides reading during road trips, my other favorite thing was listening to music. We used to listen to casettes, and then I relieved my parents when I got my first ever walkman sometime in elementary school – yes, I’m that old, I had first some cheap walkman than some better ones later. Obviously, I was born to be a bookworm and a music addict, no doubt. For me there is no summer vacation without a car ride, a good book, roaring wind coming in the let down windows and music.

As I’m about to go on a vacation this coming weekend, I decided to put together a list of must listen to during a road trip songs. Originally it was supposed to be a top 10 list, but… things happened and I just had too many songs I wanted to include.

1. Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Okay, okay, I know it’s cliché, but damn it’s a great song to listen to on full volume while the landscape rushes by.

2. Summertime by Bon Jovi

Normally, I would pick It’s My Life which is my favourite Bon Jovi song, and a perfect one for sing alongs. But now we are talking about summer, so…

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

If there ever was a perfect summer road trip song, then I’m pretty sure it’s Cruise.

4. Summer Is A Curse by The Faim

I fell in love with The Faim last year, with this song to be precise, so of course it has to go on this list!

5. Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses

An oldie but goody. Perfect for road trip sing alongs. If this song won’t make you want to put the pedal to the metal, then I don’t know what will.

6. Like I Roll by Black Stone Cherry

This is one of my favourite BSC songs. Fun fact: I fell in love with Black Stone Cherry while listening to their Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea album on a road trip.

7. Take It to the Limit by Hinder

I used to listen to Hinder a lot, but not since they got a new singer. This is one of their early ones when they still had a heavier sound.

8. Enjoy the Ride by Krewella

Well, what can I say? You just have to enjoy the ride, that’s what a road trip is all about, isn’t it?

9. Late Goodbye by Poets of the Fall

Let’s slow down a bit. Let’s say night had fallen and we need something softer. Boy, I have the perfect song for you.

10. Singing for Our Lives by Royal Bliss

I recently fell in love with Royal Bliss, specifically their album, Waiting Out the Storm and I wanted a song from it to be on this list.

11. Mulholland Drive by The Gaslight Anthem

I love this band. Just look at my tattoo, it was inspired by one of their songs. I think Mulholland Drive is a pretty good song for a road trip.

12. One More for the Road by The New Roses

If there is a band that’s perfect for a road trip, then that’s The New Roses. They are a German rock band, and they are not half bad. I picked One More for the Road, for obvious reasons.

13. PCH by Theory of a Deadman

Man, picking only one song from Theory of a Deadman was the hardest, but I’m going to cheat a bit, hah! I choose PCH from their latest album, Wake Up Call, which has a nice summer night feeling.

14. Midnight Rider by Allman Brothers

So, the cheating. I got to know this song through Theory of a Deadman, but knew it was a cover, sooo I did a tiny bit of a research and here we go.

15. I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll by Joan Jett

Let’s have some girl power! This is a classic which has a right place on this list.

16. Bloody Sunrise by Wayland

I’ve been keeping an eye on Wayland for quite a few years now. They play that kind of dirty rock I like. And apparently this song fits quite well to the theme, so on the list it goes!

17. Come With Me Now by KONGOS

Just a bit of fun for the road 🙂

18. Summer of 69 by Brian Adams

Seriously, did you think I would let this song out???

19. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynrd

If I can’t leave Summer of 69 out, then this song really wouldn’t be complete without Sweet Home Alabama.

20. Wanted Dead or Alive by Tom Cruise (Bon Jovi cover)

Okay, now I’m really cheating, but I really wanted Wanted Dead or Alive on this list, okay? Btw, you should watch this movie the Rock of Ages.

+1 Tiny Dancer by Elton John (sung by the Almost Famous cast)

Since we are talking about movies. Have you seen the movie Almost Famous? Every time I see this scene I get goose bumps. It’s just such a perfect scene and now whenever I think of road trips this cames to mind and I really, really wanted to put this here.

What would be your Road Trip list?

Have a rockin’ Friday and weekend ya’ll! 🙂