Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Up: April 2018

April was my first full month as a blogger, and I have to say, it was quite an interesting one. I made some new aquintances, received some review requests, got some attention and praises for my reviews. I had a blast and I want to thank you all, for making it happen and supporting me along the way! 🙂 Before I go all emotional (something that no one wants to witness) let’s take a look what had happened in April:

Book reviews

I haven’t posted as much reviews as I planned, but those I did turned out pretty awesome and got really good feedback.

Nightingale’s Lament by Simon R. Green – 3.5/5


My monhtly Goodreads buddy read. Me and a few people are reading the Nightside series throughout a year. It’s an enjoyable, light, funny read, but its repetitiveness drives me crazy.

“The biggest strength of this series is the world building, and that you can really never forsee what’s to come.”

Aching God by Mike Shel – 3.75/5

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I’ve got an ARC for this debut novel.

“It is a thrilling, dark, cleverly written debut novel which deserves all the attention it can get.”

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames – 5/5


Far the best read for this month and I’m totally blown away by the responses I’ve got for this one.

“This book will make you laugh out loud, then will force you on your knees, will punch you in the face, will help you up with a smile just to kick you in the gut for an emphasis. And you will enjoy it all.”

Goose Hunt by Dennis Ogden – 1/5 (DNF)

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It’s been a while I had to DNF a book. In this case I had no other choice. There wasn’t a thing I liked about this book.

“If you are interested in some czech history and art, and don’t mind some steamy scenes in your historical fiction which has absolutely no point regarding the plot, and can get over the fact that you can’t even symphatize with the MC (or any other character, really) then you probably won’t be disappointed.”

Shattered Dreams by Ulff Lehmann – 4/5

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Now this book and Ulff Lehmann presented me with a new kind of reading experience. It always fun to talk about a book you read with someone, but when you can do that with the author himself, that puts things to another perspective. I don’t know which I enjoyed more, the book or all the chatting about it.

“This is not your typical straightforward, to the point kind of novel, you have to think and reason along with the characters to fully appreciate the story.”

Other literary posts

Hungarian Poetry Day

To celebrate Hungarian Poetry Day I decided to grab my pen and composed a poem. A thing I didn’t do for about 9 years now. And don’t plan to do it anytime soon either. Here is an exceprt, the rest can be found in the post linked above 🙂

“I can still hear the rain outside softly plit-plattering
I don’t really mind, the sound is soothing, maddening
I tap along, in my head there’s an endless melody
If I ask, will you sing it for me?”

Music Musings

Music Monday

If you missed any of them, give them a listen and read my personal notes/thoughts/ramblings regarding them 🙂

Song Of The Day

Now, I strongly recommend to check this song out!

Music Diggin’ Friday

  • April 6th: it was a good week, 2 albums, and a ton of songs/videos were released. Featuring: Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Dead Daisies, Hunter & the Bear, Tremonti, Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry, Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, Adelitas Way, Metallica, Queen
  • April 13th: Featuring: Breaking Benjamin, The Longshot, Black Stone Cherry
  • April 20th: Featuring: Black Stone Cherry, The Longshot, Mark Tremonti, Lordi, Five Finger Death Punch, AWS
  • April 27th: Featuring: Nothing More, The Veer Union, Mike Shinoda, Like Moths to Flames, Shaman’s Harvest

As I said, April was a blast. See you all in May! 🙂